Relationship lost it's steam? Need to get things heated up?

Hot Tips For Your Relationship

  1. Couple Relaxing Day – Have occasional days where you spend time relaxing and talking. Spending time on a nice drive in the country or out on the back porch. Spend an evening by a small fire. Quality time to bring a couple closer together.
  2. Set The Mood – Dim the lights at home, put on some romantic music, a few candles. Put on a sexy outfit will set the mood.
  3. Wake your partner to oral sex - If you are a morning person this will definitely get your days started even better.
  4. Bedroom Games – There are an assortment of bedroom games that are available for every level of comfort and experience. Card games, rolling dice, let your partner know you are interested in some late night fun.
  5. Drinks – Having a few drinks will help relax your body and make you feel more open. Alcohol is known to increase your sexual desire.
  6. Being Spontaneous – Take control of sex when he/she is least expecting it. Get things started while you are cuddling on the couch. Heat things up by being the first to initiate it.