Spice up your Relationship with these 5 tips

Does your relationship need a kick start or jump start? Follow these 5 tips and your relationship with be racing down the quarter mile.

  1. Hit The Gym – I know that isn’t what everyone is wanting to do but it works. Evening walks or runs with your partner not only improves your health but working out releases stimulating endorphins which can boost your sex drive by making you feel happier and more confident in your body. Everyone likes to see their partner all hot, sweaty and sexy!
  2. Explore Each other - You constantly want to be surprised at what you find out about your partner - Heat up your relationship!
  3. Foreplay – Make out like you were a teenager again. Spend a lot of time exploring each other’s body before jumping right into sex. Draw things out building up the anticipation.
  4. Sexy Under-Garment - Ladies, put the old cotton panties away and put on some excitement. Slip into a sexy little number. This will definitely get your man all fired up. Try something new like crotch-less panties or thongs. Sexy lace or silk will make you irresistible.
  5. Try New Things - Try new positions or possibly new sex products. Between wearables or adding a dildo or vibrator you are sure to add some excitement.