When we talk about sex, most of you agree that wetter is better but a little slide in the right direction makes things great. The Goldilocks rule of great sex is right amount of lubrication especially for below the belt sensation.

Love Exotics offers you a huge array of sex toys and creams to erotic massage that are good to go. Every woman who tends to lubricate differently may feel bone-dry before jumping on the bed. Love Exotics high quality products ensure you and your partner enjoy a smooth ride. Make your intercourse more comfortable with sensitizing creams, erotic massage oils, performance-improving creams & more. These flavored lubes are not just for lovemaking but also smoothens out a solo session at your bedroom. Shop sex lubes and make the next intimate session a bit more fun.

We don’t believe in one-size-oil-solutions so pick the perfect one as per your preference from our online store. Lubes make condom feel more comfortable, pleasurable and natural. Lacking personal lubrication can be uncomfortable, painful and monotonous. Additional male sexual enhancers greatly improve both comfort and sexual pleasure for both the partners. Buy high quality male sexual enhancers at pocket-friendly prices to impress your woman.

A few men and women can react badly to certain chemicals like glycerin and paraben present in sex lubes and lubricants, so buy our chemical-free, safe hybrid lubes and relaxing sprays at reasonable prices. Add a certain amount of tastiness with flavored lubes. Enhance your sex experience by warming, tingling and adding a little zing to erotic massage oils and sex lubes.

Silky Caress Lubricant
Massage Me Massage Candle
Sex Toy Cleaner
At Ease Anal Lubricant
Soothe Me After Spanking Cream
Les Petits Bon Bon - Burning Lust Incense
Les Petits Bon Bon - Massage Oil Candle
Flickering Massage Candle
Flickering Touch Massage Oil
H2O Lubricant
Swirl Lubricants
Organics Lubricant
Organics Natural Lubricant Gel
Organics O Gel
Oceanics Lubricant
Organics Sensation Lubricant
Organics Silk Lubricant
Sassy Booty Formula Lubricant
Satin Lubricant
Sea Lubricant
Silk Lubricant
Silver Lubricants
Silver Studio Collection Lubricant
Sizzle Lubricant
Swirl Lip Lickers Flavored Sampler Pack
Love Oil - Sampler Pack
Love Oil
Almost Naked Personal Lubricant
Water-Based Lube
SYLK Lubricant
Migliori Lubricant From $18.50
Soothe Lubricant
Melt Lubricant
Massage Oil
Massage Oil
Intense Clitoral Arousal Serum
Hydra Lube
ON Power Glide for Him
ON for Her Arousal Oil Ultra
FIRE Warming Lubricant
ICE Cooling Lubricant
Renewing Powder
WATER Lubricant