Sliquid products are…

always free of DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol & sulphates… and they’re 100% Vegan Friendly.

More than that – every product we formulate, whether personal lubricant, intimate moisturizer or bath and body, will always use the highest quality ingredients, chosen based on the latest available research. That means Sliquid makes the cleanest, safest, simplest intimate products that you can find. Simple. Safe. Sexy. That’s Sliquid.

Sliquid Naturals

There are 13 different personal lubricant products in the Sliquid Naturals line, which means there is (at least) one for everyone! Sliquid H2O is our simplest, purest water based personal lubricant in the line, and is the core formulation for all of our other water based lubricants, with only 5 simple ingredients! The Naturals Collection of personal lubricants from Sliquid is designed to be simple, safe, and sexy.

Sliquid Organics

Sliquid Organics takes inspiration from the most popular items from the Naturals line of personal lubricants, and infuses them with organic botanical extracts. Each hand selected botanical extract, like hibiscus, green tea, & flax is chosen for its skin conditioning properties. Each product also uses the highest amount of post consumer recycled materials possible in the packaging.

Sliquid Balance

The Balance Collection is Sliquid’s line of Spa products, and the newest addition to the family. The Balance Collection features Splash Gentle Feminine Washes, Smooth Intimate Shave Creams, and our natural nut & seed based Massage Oils. These Sliquid products are designed to help you feel your best, before you get to the bedroom. Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate with Sliquid!

H2O Lubricant
Oceanics Lubricant
Organics Lubricant
Organics Natural Lubricant Gel
Organics O Gel
Organics Sensation Lubricant
Organics Silk Lubricant
Sassy Booty Formula Lubricant
Satin Lubricant
Sea Lubricant
Silk Lubricant
Silver Lubricants
Silver Studio Collection Lubricant
Sizzle Lubricant
Swirl Lip Lickers Flavored Sampler Pack
Swirl Lubricants