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Painful Breasts?

by: Amy, RN


Painful Breasts? You might have fibrocystic breast pain. One third of all women will be diagnosed with fibrocystic breasts at some point in their lives. Fibrocystic breasts is a benign condition which should not be confused with breast cancer. Here are some tips to relieve painful breasts. You can reduce fibrocystic breast pain naturally.


1. Eliminate all forms of caffeine containing foods from your diet. This includes foods such as coffee and tea, chocolate, and soda that contains caffeine, like Coke. See "Caffeine 2" for a list of caffeine content to popular beverages.

2. Decrease sources of estrogen from your diet such as commercially raised meats . These animals are often feed estrogen, especially chicken. Most poultry contain excessive amounts of hormones that are used to help them grow. Also, avoid prescription sources of estrogen such as birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy.

3. Vitamin E, in doses ranging from 200 IU to 400 IU per day, may reduce symptoms associated with fibrocystic breast changes. Other vitamin suggestions include a B complex, and magnesium. There is now some concern that too much Vitamin E may become dangerous, so do not exceed the 400 IUs per day or consult your health care provider for their opinion.

4. Some people benefit from reducing their daily amount of sugar intake.

5. Eat about 5 almonds a day. Almond oil may also help fibrocysic breasts, they are rich in heart-healthy vitamin E and fiber.


1. See your gynecologist if these tips don't reduce your symptoms, or if you have any questions or concerns about fibrocystic breasts.

2. If you use natural progesterone, once you have achieved relief of symptoms gradually taper your dose until you find your lowest effective dose.

3. Wearing a good support bra during painful times is helpful for many women. Visit a local department store with a bra-fitting specialist for a proper fit. Wearing no bra will only make the pain worse.


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