On this page we go over various aspects of sexual health maintenance. Understanding your own body is very important for self-diagnosing ailments or irregularities. Just remember there comes a time where it is necessary for you to stop self-diagnosing and get professional help

VERY IMPORTANT!  No web site, message board, book or friend is an alternative to your doctor. Only your doctor can give you a personalized examination, assessment and proper treatment to whatever problem is affecting you!

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 Good Sex Comes In All Sizes

 Despite what the images are portraying, females and males with imperfect figures can have great sex as well.



Increasing Sexual Desire

 When passion fades away a little hope of recovery is in sight.



Chew Gum

Manage Your Weight.




Foreplay Don't Forget It




Foreplay is essential to any sexual activity





A Common Problem for Men



Kegel Exercises

Tighten Your PC muscles for all the benefits




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