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Desir Metallique Mesh Handcuffs

  • Desir Metallique Mesh Handcuffs

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Desir Metallique Mesh Handcuffs



Desir Metallique Mesh Handcuffs

Satisfy your desire to conquer a heart of silver... An easy-to-wear bracelets for any occasion; privately, they become suggestive handcuffs for soft bondage games. The battle of seduction has begun; prepare to fight skin to skin with Désir Métallique, metal mesh handcuffs when on the battlefield; unique bracelets to wear for any occasion.

-     Dual use! An elegant bracelets for any occasion and a great handcuffs for your moments of passion.

-     Wear it with your evening outfit, lingerie or simply with your skin.

-     Play without fear! There is no nickel in them so they will not cause any allergic reactions.

-     100% adjustable! The chains of the bracelets are adjustable. 

-     Make a splash! Wear your bracelets with Désir Métallique necklace.

-     Exclusive design by Bijoux Indiscrets.

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