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SONIC - Move Together

Give as good as you get.

This flexible silicone double dildo boasts an abstract shape designed to hit your hotspots and encourage play.

  • Length: 15.7"
  • Diameter: 1.8"

With its bright, bold color and unique shape, the SONIC is unlike any other double dildo out there. With an extra flexible shaft and two ends that slope and curve for G-spot stimulation and more, this toy offers you a ton of different ways to play with your partner. Want to make out with each other while you both enjoy vaginal penetration? Dreaming of butt play that’s double doggy style? Go nuts.

Feeling kinky? Fans of the SONIC have reported that it makes a pretty hardcore impact toy. (Or you could keep it by your bed in case you have to use it to fight zombies in the night. Up to you.)

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